Brownie Troop 2452

Help us find Atta

Atta is our 14 year old Black Lab, Cocker Spaniel Mix female dog. She got out of the house without her collar on. She has a white patch on the upper part of her chest. She's very old and needs to be home with her family. She left because she saw a cat.

She has fatty masses on her body. She lays down when she eats her food and hoards it. We believe this is from before we adopted her. She recently went to the vet and has tumors in her mouth.

Without her home we cant care for her.

She has two other dogs and 6 children at home whom misss her as much as I do. My heart is breaking. She isnt a dog to us, shes our family. My child. My daughter. She loves and follows me everythere! She protects me.

She got out on Tuesday, November 16th at 6 pm while I was taking my daughter to cheer leading. When I returned home, I had a knock at my door from a neighbor letting me know she was out.  I was out hanging up fliers in my neighborhood until midnight.

The next morning I got a call from City OF Queen Creek that the fliers were a complaint. The city then removed them all.

I spent Wednesday from noon-6 pm going door to door handing out fliers.

Wednsday and Thursday night I've been up until 3 am posting my ad on every site I can find and contacting every pet sitter, shelter and vet.

I even paid for FindToto to call all my neighbors.

My HOA sent out an email notifying my neighbors.

I have a missing dog sign on my SUV and its written in marker on my windows. I keep my truck parked outside for coming through traffic.

We've been to the shelters and I'll return every day until I can find her.

I've been sick all week since she got out. I'm at a loss and I don't know how to leave the house other than to find her. I know some people just don't understand the bond some people have with their pets, but I have one with her. Every time I see her photo it breaks my heart and I cant hold back the tears!

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